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Conservatives Win Quebec By-Election…A Strategic Preview of the 2019 Battle?

When is a by-election not just a by-election?  When there’s a wider strategy at play. Last night, Conservative candidate Richard Martel handily won the riding of Chicoutimi-Le Fjord, receiving 53% of the vote, to the Liberals’ Lina Boivin with 29%.  The NDP finished a distant third with

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Notley prepares Alberta’s cabinet for 2019 election with mini-shuffle

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley announced a few very minor tweaks to put a new pre-election face on her government today.  She welcomed one new minister and gave additional responsibilities to an existing minister to replace two ministers who are not seeking re-election. Backbench Calgary-Currie MLA Brian Malkinson

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Nunavut Premier has been removed from Office – What happens next?

It is not often that Canadians think of politics in Northern Canada, particularly at a time when most political bandwidth is focused on our southern neighbours. However, despite their small population, every once in awhile, the territories give our national political scene a moment of pause. That

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Premier-Designate Ford to Call Back Ontario Legislature Early

Premier-designate Doug Ford will be calling back the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in July for a summer session to deal with a few key issues on his agenda. Previously it was announced that the official transition date would be June 29, which will also include the announcement

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Ontario Premier-Designate Ford Names Transition Team, Chief of Staff

Premier-designate Doug Ford wasted no time in launching the transition process as he prepares to be sworn-in on June 29th as Ontario’s 26th Premier. Today, he held his first press conference in this new role. In it, he reiterated that the initial focus of his new government

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Doug Ford Delivers Majority Government for Ontario PC Party

After twenty-eight days of a sometimes bruising campaign, Ontarians have voted for a new government after fifteen years of Liberal leadership under Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne. Premier-designate Doug Ford will now form the next government of Ontario, bringing home a win after four previous Progressive Conservative

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Ontario Election: What happens if no party wins a majority of seats?

So what happens if neither Doug Ford nor Andrea Horwath win a majority government but simply a plurality of seats? We know that the Ontario Liberals and Premier Kathleen Wynne have already signaled that they have no hope of winning government on June 7.  However, it is

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Can Ontario’s 1990 election provide clues for 2018?

Conventional and social media focus on the three parties contesting the Ontario election, and particularly on the Provincial Leaders and their relative popularity.  But we don’t elect parties or leaders in our parliamentary system: as voters, Ontarians elect local representatives (MPPs).  Whichever party does the best job

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Ontario PC’s 2018 Platform

“Plan for the People” Economic Policy Healthcare Policy Education Policy Infrastructure & Transit Natural Resources & Energy Environment Governance & Accountability Public Safety

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Ontario parties pursue very different strategies in the home stretch of Election 2018

As Ontario enters the home stretch of the provincial election campaign, it seems all but certain that a new party will form government. We continue to see the rise and momentum of Andrea Horwath’s NDP, at the expense of both Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals and Doug Ford’s PC’s,

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