Public policy in Canada: Innovation, ideas, and insights.

The StrategyCorp Institute of Public Policy and Economy is StrategyCorp’s think tank on innovation in public policy and economics. It provides thought leadership on important public policy issues facing Canadians and their governments across the country by combining economic and policy expertise with key political insights.

The Institute conducts deep policy and economic research to develop original as well as commissioned publications and communications content on a wide array of highly topical issues.

Tapping into the insights and experience of seasoned StrategyCorp professionals, the Institute can work with clients to develop high-quality products such as:

  • Policy papers
  • Economic analyses
  • Socioeconomic data monitoring and briefs
  • Podcast episodes

Connect with us to learn more about how the Institute can help your organisation achieve its business and advocacy goals.

Listen to our official podcast: Intended Consequences.


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