The Role of Assistive Devices in Helping Ontario Seniors Age at Home

In this new policy paper, the StrategyCorp Institute of Public Policy and Economy looks at how assistive devices can help seniors age at home and in the community.

Preserving the capacity of long-term care and hospitals in Ontario requires a comprehensive approach. Enabling more seniors to live at home longer is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Assistive devices play an important role in helping seniors maintain their functional abilities, independence and quality of life. They reduce the risk of injuries and falls, which can result in fewer hospital and long-term care admissions.

This report discusses the benefits of assistive devices and how seniors access these products in Ontario. We look at factors hindering seniors’ access to this equipment, particularly mobility devices, and how key government measures could help further support the ability of older adults to age at home and in the community.

Download the report here.

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