Ontario: Developers need to engage First Nations

The Ford Government has issued its proposed Provincial Policy Statement, 2019 (PPS) – the collection of rules and statements that guide planning authorities when making land use planning decisions. Many of the proposed PPS changes are consistent with what we would expect from the Ford government –

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2019 Ontario Municipal Chief Administrative Officer Survey

StrategyCorp’s 2019 Ontario Municipal Chief Administrative Officer Survey is out! StrategyCorp’s Ontario Municipal Chief Administrative Officer Survey 2019 focussed on two sub-sets of Ontario CAOs: CAOs of northern municipalities: We interviewed a selection of northern municipalities, a category of community to which we wanted to pay more attention. 

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Doug Ford Shuffles Ontario Cabinet to Launch Year Two

Just a few weeks ago, Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s government marked its first year in office. While the Ford government moved quickly out of the gate to implement its action-heavy agenda, the reality of day-to-day governing has created a number of challenges. While the government received a sound majority and made

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