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The Executive Council of Ontario Announced

The Executive Council Of Ontario Kathleen Wynne Premier and President of the CouncilMinister of Intergovernmental Affairs Deb Matthews Deputy PremierPresident of the Treasury BoardMinister Responsible for the Poverty Reduction Strategy Jim Bradley Chair of CabinetDeputy Government House Leader Michael Gravelle Minister of Northern Development and Mines Ted

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Keeping the ‘Smart’ in ‘Smart Growth’

StrategyCorp’s Senior Advisor, Michael Fenn, addresses the Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO) in his keynote speech at their Annual General Meeting in Kleinburg, ON. Read full speech >>

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Ontario Election: Liberals Win Majority

Premier Kathleen Wynne has won a majority parliament and will form the next provincial government. The Liberals won 59 seats in the 107-seat legislature with 38 percent of the popular vote, Tim Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives (PCs) shrank to 27 seats with 31 percent of the vote, and

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Ontario Election Campaign Enters Critical Final Period

As Ontario enters the final week of the general election campaign, political observers are assessing whether Tuesday’s leader’s debate will have an impact on the final outcome. While the consensus view is that PC Leader Tim Hudak emerged as the debate’s victor, it is unclear whether his

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Ontario Election: Focus turns to the Television Debate, Minority Scenarios

Ontario Election: Focus turns to the Television Debate, Minority Scenarios As we hit the one-month mark in the campaign, the race between the Liberals and PCs remains a relatively close one, with the NDP still working to find their voice. While the PCs have dominated the policy

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What If Ontario Elects a Minority Parliament on June 12, 2014?

With public opinion poll results bouncing all over the place, we have been asked what would happen if a single political party fails to win a parliamentary majority on June 12th. While it is impossible at time of writing to predict what the election result will be,

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StrategyCorp Reputation Report 2014

Reputation study reveals when things go wrong for business or government, Canadians form opinions quickly and hold them firmly

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Ontario Election Week 3: Air War Begins with a Whimper

This week the air war began with a whimper. Where the previous weeks dished up juicy policies, the television ads unleashed were more strategic than memorable. Each party stuck to its core message, trying to use the power of paid broadcast media to entrench its established direction.

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Experts critique election ads about to be unleashed on Ontarians

With a blackout lifted Wednesday, voters can expect a barrage of broadcast advertising by the Big Three parties in the Ontario election. Free Press reporter Jonathan Sher reviewed the first TV salvos with four veteran political observers including StrategyCorp’s John Duffy. Read article >>

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Ontario Campaign Week 2: Campaigns Positioning for the Coming Air War

This week, the strategy of each campaign began to take shape.  All three parties have used their policy proposals, and their reactions to their opponents’ positions, to position themselves for the election.  On June 13th, it will be these strategic decisions – and the major assumptions that

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