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Recycling Ontario’s Assets

Michael Fenn, The Mowat Centre, Published Friday April 11, 2014 StrategyCorp and The Mowat Centre have collaborated to publish a framework for public asset management and reinvestment, answering the question: “In the face of growing public debt, fiscal constraints and a growing need to invest in public

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Public Private Collaboration at the 8th GCC Municipal Conference – Abu Dhabi, UAE

8th GCC Municipal Conference – April 8-9, 2014 – Abu Dhabi, UAE StrategyCorp’s John Matheson took to the stage at the 8th GCC Municipal Conference in Abu Dhabi to discuss the merits of Public-Private Collaboration. Organized under the slogan “Sustainable Municipal Services to Enhance the Quality of

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Your P3 Policy Framework

Authors: Chris Loreto, Dave McCleary ReNew Canada: Municipalities must drive innovation through a new generation of partnerships Read full article >>

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Ontario By-Election Outcomes Raise Likelihood of Spring General Election

Tonight’s pick-up of a seat by the New Democrats in Niagara Falls means that a provincial general election this spring is looking ever more likely.  While most political observers thought that the province was already heading towards an election around budget time, the NDP is likely to

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Budget 2014: The march towards Budget 2015 and the next federal election campaign

To use an Olympic analogy, today’s budget was the qualifying round for Budget 2015.  It was a “business as usual” budget where the government sought to show progress on some key files while demonstrating overall fiscal restraint and paving the way to a budget surplus in 2015. 

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Issues Management: The New Municipal Skill Set

DAVE MCCLEARY & JOSEPH PICKERILL, Municipal World Magazine: It will come as no surprise to readers of this magazine that the role of local government has changed drastically in recent decades. Today’s municipal environment no longer has a single public, but rather multiple publics, comprised of issue-specific

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Four reasons why Ontario will be better off without the LCBO

J.C. BOURQUE, The Globe and Mail: There is a lot to unpack in the PC Leader’s series of white papers, but the policy that has achieved the most reaction, surprisingly, is the plan to reform the government-owned liquor monopoly and get rid of the private-sector beer store.

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Right Direction, Wrong Goal: Groom Canada Post for Privatization

PHIL EVERSHED AND JOHN-CHRISTIAN BOURQUE, The Globe and Mail: While the recent five-point plan released by Canada Post is a step in the right direction, its timelines are unambitious and its ultimate goal underachieving. Read full article >>

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Wynne Government shifts to the left in advance of presumed spring election

Ontario’s Fall Economic Statement signals shift to the left in advance of presumed spring election What you need to know: The Fall Economic Statement signals a shift to the left by Ontario’s Liberal minority government. Broad spending cuts are not being considered. The Wynne government says it

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Ontario needs fundamental change not a fight over austerity vs. stimulus

DAVID MACNAUGHTON, The Globe and Mail: In the debate over the proper policy course for governments to assist in getting our economy out of its current doldrums, economists, politicians and policy wonks have essentially split into two camps. One, the austerity folks, advocate reduced government spending, smaller

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