Strategic Planning for the Town of LaSalle

Management consulting

Strategic Challenge

Following a period of significant growth, and in continuing with its tradition of long-term planning, the Town of LaSalle sought to develop a new 20-year strategic plan. The Town required that the new plan was reflective of the community which it serves and was supported by residents, so it was critical that this undertaking included significant community and stakeholder engagement.

Our Approach

The length of this plan, a 30-year time horizon, required considering government and political context, environmental and climate-related factors, youth perspectives, and the Town’s changing demographics.

To develop a strategy that acknowledged a range of priorities and perspectives, StrategyCorp provided communications support to reach all possible stakeholders and community members. Our team conducted a number of accessible and inclusive engagement activities such as goal setting workshops with Town Council and senior leadership; one-on-one stakeholder interviews; staff workshops; community open houses; youth consultations; and a statistically relevant community survey.

StrategyCorp took the key insights from the community engagement portion of this project and developed a final strategic plan document for public feedback. The plan then went to the Town’s senior leadership and Council where it was unanimously adopted.


The Town of LaSalle launched the strategic plan in 2020 and is using the five strategic goals outlined within it to guide its service delivery planning over the short-, medium-, and long-term.

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