Delivery and Operational Reviews for Ontario Municipalities

Management consulting

Strategic Challenge

As part of the Government of Ontario’s focus on driving efficiencies in Ontario’s municipal sector, it has provided several phases of funding through the Municipal Modernization Fund and the Audit and Accountability Fund to municipalities across Ontario, with a focus on identifying efficiencies and driving down costs. StrategyCorp has completed over 30 service delivery and operational reviews across Ontario within a three-year span, including upper-tier, lower-tier, single-tier, and joint reviews across both urban and rural municipalities.

Our Approach

StrategyCorp’s approach to service delivery and operational reviews focuses on blending technical rigour with a keen focus on political and stakeholder considerations that are necessary conditions for recommendations to be implementable. Our core focus goes beyond benchmarking, leading practices, and process improvement reviews, to integrate the findings from a technical analysis of potential opportunities with a deep understanding of local context, priorities, and challenges. We understand that success is not measured in the presentation of a report to council, but the implementation of the recommendations and the achievement of the intended results thereafter.

Because of this tailored approach, strategies to enhance efficiency and reduce costs while improving services to residents have varied widely. The resulting reviews have included comprehensive service delivery transformation plans across all areas of municipal service (both internal and resident-facing), inter- or multi-tier service migration and collaboration strategies, shared service model design and negotiation support, commissioning and contracted service reviews, and organizational redesigns.


As a result of our work through the Municipal Modernization and Audit and Accountability Funds, our municipal clients have continued to move forward with our recommendations, with potential savings and reinvestment opportunities amounting to tens of millions of dollars cumulatively.

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