Digital Transformation Strategy for Newmarket

Management consulting

Strategic Challenge

Newmarket engaged StrategyCorp to help design a Digital Transformation Strategy to improve resident services. This strategy needed to capture near-term improvement opportunities and define a vision and plan to fundamentally transform the Town’s operations and services in a practical, cost-effective manner.

Our Approach

StrategyCorp employed an integrated set of proprietary and industry-leading methodologies, along with our deep understanding and experience in Ontario’s municipal sector, to tailor a strategy that was impactful and implementable within Newmarket’s unique context.

Our process was based on our SCOPE methodology – a tailored approach to municipal reviews and strategy development based on over 25 years of experience in the sector – combined with our proprietary Municipal Reference Model and Agile, change management, and performance improvement methods (like Lean Six Sigma).

To complete this process with Newmarket, we completed extensive engagement with all levels of the organization: Council, senior leadership and management, front line staff, and residents. We also conducted a comprehensive digital maturity assessment, a leading practice review, rigorous initiative prioritization and alignment exercises to integrate the Digital Transformation Strategy into Newmarket’s ongoing strategic initiatives and build buy-in for the overall approach.


The Town of Newmarket has since adopted the Digital Transformation Strategy and is moving into implementation.

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