Public Education and Strategic Communications Strategy for Caledon


Strategic Challenge

StrategyCorp was engaged by the Town of Caledon to develop a Public Education and Strategic Communications Strategy to educate and engage Town stakeholders (real estate and trucking industries; the public; etc.) about the illegal storage of trucks; why it’s damaging to the Town’s operations and resident quality of life; what the Town is doing about it; and how businesses can operate legally.

Our Approach

StrategyCorp engaged with internal and external stakeholders and then worked with the Town to identify current communications strengths and opportunity areas, define best practices across other municipalities that dealt with similar issues, and interview members of the trucking and real estate industry in Caledon, as well as Councillors and the Mayor, to gather their perspectives. StrategyCorp developed a public education and communications strategy for the Town to implement with the objectives of increasing awareness of the issue, what the Town is doing about it, and using influencers to share the information with their respective networks. StrategyCorp was also retained to lead the implementation of the strategy including communications materials development.


StrategyCorp created and designed educational communications materials including an Illegal Trucking Guide, a news release, social media posts, web copy and talking points for Town staff and supported the Town in the roll-out of the public education campaign. The Illegal Trucking Guide is serving as the anchor to the campaign.

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