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Ontario PCs take seat from Liberals in by-election

Ontario PCs take seat from Liberals in by-election

Councillor Raymond Cho Wins Scarborough-Rouge River By-Election On September 1st, Ontario Progressive Conservative candidate (and Ward 42 Councillor) Raymond Cho was elected as the new MPP for Scarborough-Rouge River.  He replaced long-serving Liberal MPP Bas Balkissoon who suddenly resigned in March 2016. This is a key win

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Public Affairs Veteran Andrew Steele to join StrategyCorp in September

July 12, 2016 – Toronto – StrategyCorp is pleased to announce that in September Andrew Steele will join the firm as Vice President, fueling the firm’s continued growth across Canada. Andrew’s 20 years of transformational leadership in business, media and government helps cement StrategyCorp’s unique market position

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Liberal Government Initiates Environmental Assessment Processes Review

During the 2015 General Election campaign, the Liberal Party of Canada promised to make changes to the Environmental Assessment (EA) processes as part of their broader platform themes to improve environmental sustainability and promote greater consultation (and permission) from stakeholders, including Indigenous peoples.  Once elected, the Liberal’s

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Ontario Cabinet Overhaul: Positioning Liberals for Election 2018

Ontario’s new cabinet was sworn-in today (download our quick reference guide to Ontario’s new Cabinet here).  At 30 members, more than half of elected Liberals now sit in Cabinet.  While headlines continue to focus on the size of cabinet, and that women represent 40% of its members,

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Ontario’s Five Year Climate Change Action Plan: Some Clarity and More Questions

The Government of Ontario has released its Five Year Climate Change Action Plan.  Ontario has decided to pursue aggressive greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets: 2020 – 15% 2030 – 37% 2050 – 80% The cornerstone of the government’s approach is its decision to adopt a cap-and-trade system, specifically

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Ontario’s top bureaucrats navigate political minefields while doing more with less

The Toronto Star on StrategyCorp’s 2016 Municipal CAO survey: A report featuring interviews with 25 municipal CAOs across Ontario reveals some candid thoughts about the challenges facing cities. She or he might be the most important person you’ve never heard of. But your municipal chief administrative officer,

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Fixing the Tragically Hip’s Concert PR Stumble

What should have been a fitting farewell tribute to a band that has become as synonymous with Canadiana as a May long-weekend, has become something that’s threatening to mar the Tragically Hip’s legacy.  No one would question the motives of the Band.  I find it difficult to

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New Ontario land-use rules: Higher Densities, Greenbelt Expansion

The Ontario government doubled-down on intensification today with the release of proposed updates to four Provincial Land Use Plans – the Greater Golden Horseshoe Growth Plan, Niagara Escarpment Plan, Greenbelt Plan, and Oak Ridges Moraine Plan. While the Wynne government promoted the new environmental protections in a

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Liberals may sell off public assets to help bankroll infrastructure

“Asset recycling is a way to attract private-sector investment into activities that were formerly, exclusively, in the public realm,” said Michael Fenn, a former Ontario deputy minister and management consultant who specializes in the public sector. “It’s something that we should pay a lot of attention to

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Jean Lapierre’s journey reflected his turbulent times

Jean Lapierre, who died in a plane crash just over two weeks ago, walked as a peer with Canada’s political giants. In Quebec, his passing has been treated as a rite of passage in the life of La nation. In English Canada, public reaction has been largely

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