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PM Trudeau’s cabinet must juggle competing expectations, observers say

StrategyCorp’s John Duffy joins CBC’s The Current to discuss Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s historic new cabinet and what lies ahead for this new group of decision-makers in Ottawa. Listen to the interview here >>

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Prime Minister Trudeau’s New Cabinet

Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, was sworn in this morning along with a cabinet that is the most diverse in the country’s history.  The new Prime Minister’s choice to select a cabinet that reflects the youthful group of Liberal MPs elected on October

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The impact of megatrends on Ontario’s future infrastructure

Infrastructure is an important topic across Canada boosted by a hotly contested federal election campaign, the Ontario government’s commitment to invest $130-billion in infrastructure over 10-years and the municipal sector’s demand for access to more funding sources to pay for roads, bridges, transit and other infrastructure. When

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Election 2015: What Does it all Mean?

Moderated by Paul Wells from Maclean’s Magazine and co-sponsored by Concordia’s Workshops on Social Science Research (WSSR) and the Department of Political Science, this post-election panel will draw on the expertise of a variety of prominent pundits and seasoned specialists of Canadian politics. Watch the video here

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What to expect from Canada’s new Liberal majority government

Tonight’s election rings down the curtain on 10 years of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government, and the advent of a Liberal majority government under Justin Trudeau. The Liberals’ two challenges To govern successfully, Trudeau and his team will face two defining challenges: scope and pace. First, the scale.

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Election 2015: Quebec rises again

How the province has dominated this federal election campaign, in ways both historic and unexpected John Duffy “You have to understand,” the federal strategist told me in the spring of 2013, “that this whole thing is a massive Quebec play.” Campaign 2015’s fundamental story is the re-emergence

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Canada’s Federal Election: Comparing the Party Platforms

While industrial policy has played a minimal role in the federal election campaign – particularly with all three platforms released so late in the game – in the lead-up to Election Day on Monday, we wanted to highlight some of the policy differences between the parties. Download

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2015 Election Policy Platform Comparison

As we enter the final two weeks of one of the longest election campaigns in Canadian history, the battle for the progressive vote appears to be consolidating around the Liberal Party of Canada.  There will be much ink spilled after the election as to why this happened. 

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Successful Staff/Council Relations: Old Lessons For New Challenges

Experience across Ontario has taught us that there are policies – basic principles and practices or ‘rules of the road’ – that will contribute significantly to municipal Councils getting the very best from the talent and energy of their municipal staff, at all levels. Some of those

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The Supreme Court of Canada Puts the Backbone in Utility Regulation  

Highlights Two recent decisions reconfirm the powers of utility regulators to disallow, in appropriate circumstances, the recovery by utilities of costs arising from past commitments. Utility regulators may disallow such costs even when they arise from legally binding collective agreements and employee pension plans. The decisions equip

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