Trudeau’s honeymoon could become a long romance

For the new Trudeau government, Friday’s Speech from the Throne marks the beginning of workaday Ottawa life – another passage in what many observers expect to be an inevitable slide from postcampaign highs to the morning-after grind of governing.

Not so fast. Ottawa’s honeymoon deathwatch crowd may be in for a long wait. That’s because they are focused on what might break up the romance between Justin Trudeau and voters, and not on who is actually up there in the heart-shaped tub with the PM.

It’s a key question. Last month, Mr. Trudeau’s principal secretary, Gerald Butts, introduced Obama campaign supremo David Axelrod to a policy conference in Ottawa. Mr. Butts shared an Axelrod admonishment: “The most important piece of advice and the most difficult piece of advice to follow in politics is: Remember who sent you to office and why they sent you.”

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