A Playbook for Voluntary Regional Governance in Greater Toronto

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown into relief a range of health, social, and economic challenges for municipalities in the Greater Toronto region. These challenges – such as lack of affordable housing, income inequality, the need to spur economic development, and the impact of climate change – all spill across municipal boundaries and need to be addressed through cooperation and coordination at the regional scale.

André Côté, Gabriel Eidelman, and Michael Fenn propose a “playbook” for regional coordination in Greater Toronto. The authors recommend that senior municipal public servants take the lead, and propose six steps officials can take to develop their own voluntary, bottom-up approach to regional governance.

Media release: https://munkschool.utoronto.ca/imfg/research/doc/?doc_id=531

Placemat: https://munkschool.utoronto.ca/imfg/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/GTA-Playbook-One-Pager.pdf

Full report: https://tspace.library.utoronto.ca/bitstream/1807/100862/1/Perspectives-28-Playbook-Regional-Governance-Toronto.pdf


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