Statement Regarding Panamanian Presidential Election

StrategyCorp Inc. issued the following statement:

On March 30, 2019, the following article appeared in Metro Libre in Panama.

Lombana contrata Call Centers en España, Argentina y México,-argentina-y-m%C3%A9xico.html

A Google translation of the article is as follows:

The candidate for the Presidency of the Republic for free application, Ricardo Lombana, hired call centers in Spain, Argentina and Mexico, according to the specialist Strategy Corp.

 According to the Canadian consulting firm, these are practices used in politics to capture the attention of citizens and create a false perception in social networks regarding the electoral reality. “These contracts cost millions of dollars,” revealed the representative of Strategy Corp., a worldwide specialist company in the management of social networks.

 According to the new rules of the Electoral Tribunal in force in the Republic of Panama, these millionaire contracts must be reflected in detail in the financial reports, revealing their donors and the real cost of the services. If these costs exceed the limits established by the Electoral Tribunal, they would disqualify the candidate’s campaign.

Strategy Corp. committed to present results of its investigation in the coming days.

Neither StrategyCorp Inc., nor any of its employees:

  • is involved in or conducting an investigation into any aspect of the elections in Panama, in either a paid or volunteer capacity;
  • has any knowledge of the elections;
  • was contacted by or gave any statement to Metro Libre.

StrategyCorp has communicated this to Metro Libre.

“We can confirm without reservation that the matters reported in the article that were attributed to “Strategy Corp” did not originate from anyone associated in any way with our firm,” said John Matheson, Vice President and General Counsel of StrategyCorp. “We have communicated this to the Editor of Metro Libre and are taking steps to investigate the origin of the comments.”

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