Peter McGovern

International Relations & Trade

Peter is a highly experienced retired diplomat with extensive experience in international relations, with an emphasis on business and investment.  Peter joined the Canadian foreign service in 1982 as a Trade Commissioner. With the exception of a 3-year stint at PCO as a foreign policy advisor to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, his entire career was spent at Foreign Affairs.  His postings included Tunisia/Libya, Brussels(NATO), and Paris (OECD).  As Head of Mission he served as Consul General In Milan 2001-2005 and in Rome from 2013 until 2017 as Ambassador to Italy. He was also concurrently Ambassador to Albania, High Commissioner to Malta, and Ambassador to San Marino, as well as the Permanent Representative to the 3 UN Rome based agencies- the Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Food program, and the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

In Ottawa his executive assignments were initially trade focused, Director General for Commercial Relations with the United States and Mexico, Director General for Commercial Relations with Asia and South America.  His first Assistant Deputy Minister assignment was as the Executive Director for Critical Incidents where he resolved the Fowler/Guay kidnapping case.  Subsequently he was the ADM for the Summit Management Office organizing the G8 in Huntsville and the G20 in Toronto.  From 2010 until 2013 he was Canada’s Chief Trade Commissioner, ADM for Investment and Business Development and ADM for Asia. During this period he served as Prime Minister Harper’s Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan.   Mr. McGovern’s last assignment in the Ministry was organizing the 2018 G7 Summit.  He retired in 2020.

Mr. McGovern is a past member of the board of the Asia Pacific Foundation, is a current board member of the Canada Irish Studies Program at Concordia University.  He was also President of the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome for three years.


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