Marco Violo


Marco is a Senior Consultant in StrategyCorp’s Public Affairs practice. He brings with him a deep understanding of federal and provincial politics surrounding some of the largest financial issues in Canada. 

Marco has supported the development of several government relations strategies for numerous policy sectors and has extensive experience dealing with a variety of stakeholders ranging from government to regulatory bodies. 

Since becoming a member of Strategy Corp, Marco has played a pivotal role in contributing to the firm’s financial sector clientele. He has been instrumental in offering insights and educating policymakers on a range of critical subjects, including Open Banking, privacy legislation, insurance, lending, and climate policy. He has also been a core team member involved in advancing advocacy efforts for healthcare and non-profit organizations where he is working on securing financial support for seniors’ healthcare services.  

Prior to joining StrategyCorp, Marco served as the Canadian Government Relations Lead for a distinguished life insurance and financial services company. In this capacity, he took charge of orchestrating and implementing government relations strategies that necessitated a multi-jurisdictional approach. This included extensive public policy analyses, stakeholder engagement initiatives, and the coordination of grassroots campaigns. 

Marco holds a Master of International Public Policy Degree from the Balsillie School of International affairs. His studies focused on international economy, foreign and national security issues. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Political Science from the University of Guelph. 


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