Marco Bianchi


Marco is a Manager in StrategyCorp’s Toronto office specializing in Land Use and Infrastructure. In his role, Marco applies his extensive knowledge of large municipal corporation processes, issues management, and problem solving skills to his work with his clients. Marco has a proven track record of leadership, working with a wide range of stakeholders, to deliver desired results and understands how to take a project from idea conception to completion.

Prior to joining StrategyCorp, Marco was at the City of Toronto for 14 years, having most recently served as Chief of Staff to Councillor Mike Layton. In this role, he was responsible for managing the strategic direction of the office, setting policy priority, and development of communications plans. Marco has played a pivotal role advising on various transformative City policies, and then supporting their progress through City Council approvals, including the rapid, and record setting, expansion of cycling infrastructure, and the establishment and strengthening of TransformTO’s ambitious targets. He has played a critical role interpreting the City’s annual operating budget and identifying areas for intervention. Marco is a trusted strategic thinker with appreciable social and political acumen, and is a highly sought-after campaign manager, having managed 4 election campaigns in the last 5 years, and working on many more over the decade.

Marco has also spent a considerable amount of his time at City Hall leading resident-centric and inclusive community consultations for parks and facilities in the downtown core, including the redesign and improvements in Stanley Park, Art Eggleton Park, and Christie Pits, among the dozens of initiatives he has led, unlocking tens of millions of dollars of improvements to the public realm.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree with a Minor in Public Administration from Toronto Metropolitan University. His education laid the foundation for a defined policy approach centred on anti-oppressive practice to be one that allowed for collaborative conflict resolution and reduce antagonistic experiences.

Marco is also an avid baseball fan and award-winning coach with the Toronto Playgrounds Baseball League, having won Baseball Ontario’s Coach of the Year award in 2019 and 2022.

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