Deborah Brooks

Collaborative Design

Deborah is a senior facilitator, futures strategist, and complexity practitioner with deep experience in collaborative design for management consulting. Over more than 20 years specializing in co-design for consulting, working with PwC, Capgemini, and several boutique consultancies, Deborah has helped dozens of leading organizations spread across 5 continents mobilize and coordinate their stakeholders to collaboratively address complex challenges such as major reorganizations and transformations, large IT programs, and other forms of strategic change.

Her broad experience has helped her build an advanced facilitation tool kit that can be used to harness the knowledge and power of larger groups to generate workable solutions to thorny challenges, accelerate resolution of complex negotiations, find alignment across diverse stakeholder groups, build broad-based commitment and ownership in support of change, accelerate progress on large initiatives, and reset relationships and address cultural issues. By incorporating strategic foresight practice and insights from complexity science, she helps clients anticipate emerging futures and develop resilient and adaptive strategies and approaches to navigating complexity.

Also a serial entrepreneur, Deborah co-founded TWG, now part of Deloitte Digital, and Accelerated By Design, a Toronto-based boutique consultancy, where she currently serves as the principal.

Deborah holds an M.Des. in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCAD University, and is a member of the Systemic Design Association.

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