We’re dedicated to providing senior-level experience to solve the problems of Canada’s municipal sector.

Our Municipal Affairs Practice Group is the Canadian leader in helping local governments achieve their operational and policy goals, while building institutional capacity. StrategyCorp’s reputation in the municipal world is for finding solutions that get results and that are implemented.

Our team includes political and public servant experience with over 100 years of experience in Ontario municipal sector management and intergovernmental affairs.

StrategyCorp’s wealth of rural and urban municipal sector and provincial government experience has made us a trusted advisor to municipalities across Canada.

Our services include the following:

  • Operational and organisational reviews
  • Strategic communications and issues management
  • Political risk management and crisis communication
  • Provincial-municipal intergovernmental affairs
  • Policy development
  • Strategic planning
  • Local economic development and BIAs
  • Ward boundary reviews

This practice is part of our core services.

Check out our Toronto City Council map.

Toronto City Council