COVID-19 responses accelerate ahead of First Ministers’ call

COVID-19 responses accelerate ahead of First Ministers' call

As the number of COVID-19 cases in Canada surpassed 2,000, Prime Minister Trudeau announced additional measures to fight the spread of COVID-19:  The Prime Minister will have a call with First Ministers this evening to discuss coordinating approaches and messaging with the provinces and territories.    $192 million in new projects prioritized under the

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NDP’s Horwath names Ontario official opposition critics

Delayed by the summer legislative session, Andrea Horwath announced critic roles for the New Democratic Party caucus. All 40 MPPs in Ontario’s largest official opposition since 1985 were granted roles in the shadow cabinet, including two dozen rookie MPPs, alongside long-time Queen’s Park veterans. Rather than mapping caucus

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“Mad Max” Beyond Halifax

What’s behind Maxime Bernier’s Announcement? Since Andrew Scheer secured the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), he has been forced to deal with the looming presence (and social media outbursts) of his former leadership rival, Maxime Bernier.  In recent weeks, Bernier, who won 49% of

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