Ontario Non-Profit Housing CEO Survey 2023

This is StrategyCorp’s first Non-Profit Housing Corporation CEO Survey.

Through it, we aim to bring to light the most pressing challenges and exciting opportunities facing non-profit housing providers in Ontario.

Our Non-Profit Housing CEO Survey interviews took place over the summer and fall of 2023. The last few years have marked a turning point for housing policy in Ontario and Canada. The lack of affordable housing is now one of the major issues facing communities across this province – and each day it seems that more policymakers, politicians, and sector leaders are turning their attention to the needs of the housing sector. As the focus continues to shift towards building more homes, no other sector is as uniquely positioned as the non-profit housing sector to both articulate the perils of our inadequate housing supply and to provide ideas that can lead to improved affordability and livability for our most vulnerable neighbours.

This was an opportune time to interview non-profit housing leaders for a few reasons:

  • Housing affordability is at crisis levels in Ontario and many providers are facing increased demand, with evolving and often complex needs of their tenant communities, and a lack of support to build additional units;
  • Many subsidized housing providers are facing the end of operating agreements for their buildings and preparing for new relationships with municipal service managers; and,
  • The sector is eager and, importantly, ready to embrace change.

Ontario’s non-profit housing sector has been through significant upheaval over the last three decades, and more recently through the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the insight and expertise of the dedicated staff and leaders who work each and every day in this sector are crucial to ensuring that governments respond accordingly to the growing crisis of affordable housing in this province.

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