Jocelyn Deeks is an experienced professional urban and regional planner. Jocelyn works with several private sector development clients, across Canada, and supports their development proposals with a focus on alignment to municipal goals and provincial policy objectives.  Jocelyn uses her expertise to assist municipalities with planning for the future and operational issues, while ensuring a balanced approach to her recommendations.

Jocelyn has served in both the public and private sectors and has expertise in land use planning, policy development, issues management and stakeholder engagement.

Prior to joining StrategyCorp, Jocelyn worked for the City of Toronto facilitating major industrial and commercial investments in the City and working across multiple City divisions on planning policy, transportation and employment services projects. She has extensive experience leading the development approvals process, planning studies, and community consultation.

Jocelyn’s policy expertise stems from her previous role as a senior policy advisor for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, managing key initiatives within the MMAH and leading strategic policy development for improving Ontario’s built environment.

Jocelyn has a Master’s degree in Planning (M.Pl.) from Queen’s University’s School of Urban and Regional Planning, and a B.A. in Media, Information and Technology from the University of Western Ontario.

Jocelyn is a Full Member of the Ontario Professional Planners’ Institute and the Canadian Institute of Planners.