Specialized Practices


StrategyCorp specialized practices serve clients across Canada and globally

Municipal Affairs »

Our Municipal Affairs Practice Group is the Canadian leader in helping local governments achieve their operational and policy goals, while building institutional capacity. StrategyCorp’s reputation in the municipal world is for finding solutions that get results and that are implemented.

Land Development Approvals »

StrategyCorp has been at the forefront of development approvals strategy and community engagement for over 20 years. We build support for projects among politicians and the community through precise development approval strategies and meaningful dialogues with stakeholders.

Labour Relations Communications »

The court of public opinion matters. And the way your motives and efforts are communicated to audiences inside and outside your organization can help deliver better labour relations outcomes – especially in the case of labour disputes. StrategyCorp can help lead your organization through its labour challenges as a partner alongside your legal, labour relations, and executive teams.

Digital Campaigns and Grassroots Advocacy »

From national engagement campaigns to local stakeholder initiatives, StrategyCorp provides our clients with digital capabilities that are an essential part of successful public affairs and communications strategies. From digital strategy to creative content development, StrategyCorp can seamlessly integrate digital tools into any public affairs or communications strategy, and create the conditions for success.

Northern Practice »

Canada’s North is a complex region with significant economic and cultural potential. At StrategyCorp, we navigate the intersection of diverse perspectives – empowering made-in-the-North opportunities with business, public affairs, and communications strategies necessary to succeed, while helping the South (and Ottawa) understand what it means to do business in the North.