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The StrategyCorp 2017 CAO Report is a snapshot of opinions from municipal leaders from across Ontario as compiled by StrategyCorp’s Municipal Practice Group.

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Ontario Municipal CAO Survey 2016

StrategyCorp interviewed the Chief Administrative Officers of 25 upper and lower tier municipal governments in Ontario. The following report is a snapshot of their opinions, combined with commentary compiled by members of our Municipal Practice Group.

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Unlocking Economic Opportunity

A major developer retained StrategyCorp to review the Land Use Planning framework in Ontario in anticipation of the government’s review of the Greater Golden Horseshoe Growth Plan, Greenbelt, Oak Ridges Moraine and Niagara Escarpment Acts.

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Strengthening Ontario’s Competitiveness

A major developer retained StrategyCorp to review the Land Use Planning framework in Ontario and to examine ways in which the framework could be used to help incent economic growth across Ontario.

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Ontario’s Economic Renaissance

StrategyCorp was retained by Union Gas Ltd to assist in preparing a white paper which examined the role that Natural Gas could play as a catalyst for economic development and job creation in Ontario.

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Recycling Ontario’s Assets

StrategyCorp and The Mowat Centre have collaborated to publish a framework for public asset management and reinvestment, answering the question: “In the face of growing public debt, fiscal constraints and a growing need to invest in public infrastructure, how can Canadian governments attract local and global pools of capital for investments into public assets, while preserving public value and interests?”

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Reputation Report

Reputation study reveals when things go wrong for business or government, Canadians form opinions quickly and hold them firmly

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