Service Description

The evolution of communications channels has created the need for all organizations, not just the ones selling a product or service to consumers, to pay attention to the online world so they can manage the social presence that exists about their company and brand. A transformational communications program includes the integration of a social media strategy and it becomes even more relevant when a major crisis occurs, or there is an ongoing contentious project, issue or program that creates a platform for online conversation – positive or negative.

Our strength in social media comes from understanding how to seamlessly integrate social media into an overall communications strategy. Whether it’s ongoing corporate communications, managing an issue, determining the right monitoring or listening processes or deploying or responding with messages to stakeholders or audiences, social communications can’t do the job alone. But when leveraged as part of an effective overall communications strategy, a social media program can pay real dividends.

We work with clients to develop social media strategies for managing their corporate reputation, monitoring online sentiment with stakeholders including consumers, reporters, online media outlets or ‘citizen journalists.’ We also conduct online issues management, and flag potential problems before they arise. In addition, we guide clients in creating their online footprint and presence so a sound social strategy is in place before ongoing communications and social media tactics are deployed. By finding the right social media approach tailored to each client’s business and sector, we elevate our counsel beyond ‘community manager’ to providing true social media strategy.