Service Description

Finding the right location for a sensitive facility, or a new or expanding business is vital when the reaction of local ‘not in my backyard’ detractors (NIMBY) can influence government decisions. Intense local interests are increasingly able to impact siting, building and operating processes, creating an environment where securing a ‘social license to operate’ is equally as important as meeting the legal and regulatory requirements for a project.

The challenges can be even greater regarding the establishment of utility corridors or right of ways, such as those in respect of pipelines or electricity transmission lines. Successfully siting facilities in the right location depends not only on political, environmental, and economic factors, but also open and transparent engagement with stakeholders to build positive, lasting relationships. We have a proven track record in working with clients to help them earn their own ‘social license to operate’ and build relationships in the community, all while successfully securing development locations. Our success includes controversial projects including quarries and industrial enterprise siting.

Working with management, legal, engineering, planning, and environmental teams, we design and execute the right strategy to help clients get the location they want while mitigating local issues through community and stakeholder relationship building. From full-service campaigns to targeted engagements for small-scale projects, we integrate the latest tactics and communications/engagement tools (integrated web sites, social media, etc.) to help you succeed.