Service Description

All it takes is one disastrous media interview, misquote or misrepresentation in news coverage, or a deflective “no comment” response to a journalist to understand the importance of media training for anyone acting in an official role for an organization.

Our media training experts empower C-Suite executives and corporate spokespeople to deliver messages clearly and confidently – and to understand the important conduit role of a journalist to deliver corporate messages to critical business audiences. With experience from the highest levels of corporate Canada and politics, our team has been effectively preparing spokespeople for over two decades.

Our training tools provide media delegates with key message development skills and the media confidence needed to effectively tell the corporate story, manage tough interviews, and be effective spokespeople for both positive and contentious interview situations.

Our customized approach to media training provides our clients with an in-depth look at how the media operates. We offer practical interview tools to allow spokespeople to break through the media filter as well as strategies for dealing with the toughest interview questions and reporters. We prepare spokespeople for the rigours of today’s always-on media environment and leave them ready to take advantage of the opportunity every media interview provides.

We understand that every spokesperson is different. We work closely with each client to clearly understand their objectives and then structure sessions that meet their specific needs.

We create realistic interview settings for a variety of scenarios, including in-person and telephone interviews. Specialized training modules can be customized to address media situations including double-ender interviews, media scrums, social media and handling media interviews in crisis situations.

Media Training Options

Executive Spokesperson Coaching

Our C-suite executive media training sessions are designed to provide high-level, customized coaching in a confidential environment. These one-on-one sessions are designed for executives and spokespeople with some media experience and focus on refining interview Q&A techniques in realistic interview simulations.

Small Group Training

Our small group training is the ideal setting in which a group of potential spokesperson receives high-level interactive media coaching. For groups from six to eight participants, we provide an intensive media training program that covers a range of media-related and interview-specific topics. Participants will be given a detailed overview of the media industry, gain an understanding of how to communicate key messages, and practice techniques for answering media questions. Realistic interview simulations allow participants to test their skills and review their performance, enabling them to pinpoint areas of strength and improvement.

Broadcast Interview Coaching

The dreaded ‘red-light’ comes on, you are live and the tough question is asked – now what. Our media relations experts understand because we have been in the hot seat ourselves – as commentators and official corporate spokespeople. In this add-on session to media training, we will provide specific information for how to manage and conduct various broadcast interviews – whether TV or radio – and provide constructive feedback as practice interviews are videotaped and analyzed. Specialized training modules can be customized to address unique situations including radio talk shows, panel discussions and call-in shows where immediate impromptu responses are required.

Messaging Development Sessions

The mark of a successful spokesperson lies in their ability to stay ‘on point’ with key messages during an interview. The Messaging Development workshop is an add-on to our media training sessions that allows clients to craft their messaging in a one-on-one consultation with our experienced communications and media consultants. This session highlights the importance of delivering simple, clear messages that allow their organization’s story to be told and understood.

Online Resources

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