Service Description

The voracious nature of the ‘always-on’ news cycle, the advent of the ‘citizen journalist,’ and the immediacy of social media can expose companies to serious reputational risk in the event of a crisis. Being able to quickly and effectively respond to controversies and corporate issues is imperative to ensuring the long-term sustainability of an organization. In these instances, advance planning, proactive issues management and established communications protocols enable companies to successfully manage issues immediately after they happen and in the days, weeks and months following.

Crisis and issues management are among our trademark services and our team of experts have helped public and private sector organizations carefully manage complex and challenging situations for over two decades.

Our approach involves gaining a complete understanding of the factors contributing to the issue; developing strategies for handling crises as they unfold; and for identifying other potential issues before they arise. By auditing the company to identify ‘most likely’ scenarios, our team can develop rapid-response processes, plan for issues and crises and train key spokespeople for handling intense media scrutiny. When an issue does make headlines, we offer 24/7 support, assisting our clients in developing a rapid-response strategy, crafting messaging, directing media relations, and sustaining public trust throughout the duration of the crisis. With this approach, we mitigate risk where appropriate, avert issues where possible, and help clients confidently handle any crisis that may arise.

Our issues management team has handled corporate crises for clients in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, energy, education, retail, real estate, development, environment, infrastructure and finance.