Service Description

Successful deal making in today’s markets involves more than making the numbers work – it means having the right strategy to communicate information to stakeholders and tell a compelling story in a potentially hostile environment. That’s true for the private sector and it takes on a special prominence with privatizations and alternative service delivery models in the public sector.

We position transaction stories for success by working with banks, private equity firms and public and private sector organizations, helping them develop the right communications strategy. This involves ensuring due diligence has been undertaken, managing all the stakeholders involved, mitigating potentially damaging rumors and communicating information to relevant audiences including investors, media, employees, customers, the public and government.

Companies Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) Communications

Our experience extends to helping organizations communicate to their stakeholders while in the confines of CCAA restructurings. When a company enters CCAA restructuring, the perceptions by stakeholders are critically important if the organization is to emerge from the process unscathed and positioned for future reputational and business success. From designing the right communications strategy to providing clear and concise communications materials for stakeholders, we put companies on the right track for their post-CCAA future.