Service Description

In Canada, a recent large theft of intellectual property has exposed just how vulnerable Canada’s online community is to domestic and international cyber threats. For businesses of a sensitive corporate and political nature, safeguarding online intellectual property is integral to maintaining a competitive advantage – and to ensuring confidentiality for clients and business operations.

StrategyCorp has a deep knowledge of cyber security at the public, private and academic levels. We have direct experience in developing policy and providing strategic direction in this sector, both with the Institute of Quantum Computing, and with various government agencies. We help clients recognize the importance of cyber security in protecting intellectual property, as well as the legal implications of cyber security protocols.  StrategyCorp also brings to our clients an in-depth understanding of federal defense strategies on cyber security. Our relationships with CSC, CSIS and other security agencies enables us to help clients navigate federal cyber security protocols, and understand how those protocols may impact business operations.