Service Description

Changes in the approach to utility regulation, developing public policy regarding the environment and infrastructure, technological innovation, and changing expectations among consumers and citizens regarding service and public participation present new challenges and opportunities in the energy and utility sectors. These changes are impacting the relationship of utilities with their customers, their shareholders, their regulators, and industry and community stakeholders.

The Energy and Utilities Practice Group helps clients in the energy and utility sectors address these challenges by developing and implementing business and regulatory strategies that are achievable and realistic. Our services integrate regulatory, management consulting, public affairs, and communications perspectives. In particular, we help regulated entities:

  • to enhance their performance within the regulatory arena by developing mulit-year regulatory and business strategies and providing strategic counsel and services regarding rate applications, policy development, licensing and compliance
  • to achieve their organizational objectives through strategic and operational planning, public policy advice and strategic intelligence, governance and operational reviews, and strategic advice re mergers and acquisitions
  • to strengthen their relationships with customers and stakeholders through the development and implementation of customer and stakeholder engagement and communication plans, measuring customer satisfaction, and incorporating customer and stakeholder intelligence into regulatory and business strategy.