Service Description

Much has been written about the four P’s in the marketing mix – price, product, promotion, and place – but we think another critical “P” exists – Purpose. How companies make a positive impact has always been important to consumers, but in today’s highly social and reflective world, companies need to go well beyond what is required of them. Organizations need to earn a ‘social license to operate’ by demonstrating their role in the greater business world, how they contribute to communities they operate in and how their operational practices are sustainable – today and tomorrow – for the environment. Stakeholders that include customers, government and employees not only expect but also demand that organizations have established strong CSR initiatives. As such, how a corporation operates, reports on and communicates information about its CSR activities, both internally and externally, is crucial to long-term business success.

Our team has extensive experience at both sides of the CSR table to guide organizations in the development of long-term CSR and sustainability platforms that align with their overall corporate culture, vision and values. For organizations with existing CSR programs, we audit and refine existing programming to ensure that they are delivering full value for investment. For clients that are building a CSR foundation, we guide them through the entire cycle of CSR programming, from developing strategy and analytics and writing compelling CSR reports to presenting a narrative to the public about their business practices. As more CSR storytelling and reports become interactive online experiences, our team ensures that the content is easily adaptable to both online and hard copy formats.