Danya Vered

Danya Vered is a Vice President at StrategyCorp, with national and international experience in public policy development, strategic communications and stakeholder relations.

Danya has experience in the Canadian public service, federal politics and non-government organizations. She previously worked with the Department of Public Safety’s International Affairs Division, where she contributed to strategic policy development on multilateral and bilateral relations and international security engagements. Before joining the federal government, Danya served as a Policy Advisor to Interim Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Hon. Bob Rae, where she was responsible for policy development related to foreign affairs, international trade and development, and multiculturalism. Danya has also consulted for private sector clients, specializing in the Middle East, as well as working with non-government media and research groups in Israel.

Danya holds a Masters of Science degree in History of International Relations from the London School of Economics and an Honours Bachelor’s degree in History from McGill University.

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