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Eva Oloumi

Eva previously worked at PwC where she worked as a consulting engagement lead, focused primarily on strategy development, transformation, innovation and new service development. Eva has extensive experience facilitating strategic decision making. Eva is passionate about creating collaborative solutions for clients with complex issues involving diverse stakeholders and distilling complexity into actionable outcomes.

Eva’s most recent projects includes developing the strategy and securing $2.8M investment for the digital transformation of a professional services client, with expected revenue growth from $75M to $150M. Eva led implementation work streams through the initial phases of the multi-year transformation, facilitating the initial negotiation of a joint business relationship between the client and a $6.2B software company, and providing strategic oversight to the transformation of some work to a service delivery centre model.

Prior to that, Eva co-developed a new consulting service offering, which helps clients solve complex problems and develop strategic decisions via design thinking methodologies, resulting in $25M in revenue impacted in its first year. Eva facilitated strategy development sessions for notable clients including one of Canada’s biggest banks, crown corporations including gaming, transportation and aviation, as well as one of Canada’s largest cosmetic retailers.

Eva holds a BA in Public Affairs and Management, specializing in Business Law and an MBA from the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University.

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