Michael Mayne

Dr. Mayne has over 15 years of experience as a senior executive in federal and provincial governments, having continuously served in more responsible roles. He received his training in pharmacology and medicine at the University of Toronto (PhD), University of Manitoba (Post-doctoral) and National Institutes of Health in Bethesda (Fellowship). Dr. Mayne has played several key leadership roles at the local and national level. Key ones include serving as the founding Research Director at the National Research Council Institute for Nutrisciences and Health (NRC-INH 2003-2007). This national research agency played a pivotal role in building the bio-cluster on PEI which now supports over 2000 jobs and over $300M in annual revenue. In 2007, at the request of Premier of PEI, the Hon. Robert Ghiz, Dr. Mayne constructed the Island Prosperity Strategy (IPS). This $200M strategy laid the foundation for continued growth in the information technology, biotechnology and aerospace sectors on PEI. From 2011-2016, Dr. Mayne served as Deputy Minister of Health and played key roles in overhauling Canadian procurement rules and policies for generic and brand medication. Dr. Mayne has served on numerous national boards that oversee national drug entry and evaluation, health care records and mental health and addiction services. Most recently, Dr. Mayne served as CEO for the regional Health Authority and was responsible for the management of front line services for health care within the Canadian single payer system.

In 2017, Dr. Mayne founded Health Consulting Canada Inc. and joined a venture capital partnership in the United States. His business activities focus on improving innovative drugs’ access and value for buyers. Dr. Mayne works with national and international clients to help them improve product value proposition to potential buyers. Within the US system, through his venture capital partnerships, Dr. Mayne works with administrators of private health care plans to help them manage increased costs in medical and drug claims. Dr. Mayne is based out of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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