Amid Lalani

Amid Lalani is an experienced Special Projects consultant with a focus on the intersection of governance, business, and Indigenous communities, leveraging both traditional and community-based politics.

He has spent most of his career in the Indigenous Relations industry, and has developed an understanding of the unique conditions of both remote communities and the concerns of urban Indigenous groups. Having worked and advocated for both industry and Indigenous communities locally, provincially and nationally, Amid emphasizes the importance of respectfully engaging Indigenous communities in order to foster a longstanding relationship build on mutual trust and understanding, especially with a renewed emphasis on Crown-Indigenous relations.

Before joining Marshall & Associates, Amid completed a BA in Political Science from the University of British Columbia, and has participated in elections at various levels since 2012, including as President of a party’s campus organization. He was selected as one of three Canadians to partake in an international delegation to the Republic of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he completed a fellowship in 2016.

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