Olivia Lahaie

Olivia is a Consultant working primarily in StrategyCorp’s Management Consulting and Municipal Affairs Practices.

As a skilled researcher, communicator, and problem solver, Olivia supports client projects across a variety of issues and sectors including food and beverage, energy, social enterprise, and municipal service. Her municipal experience includes working with municipalities across Ontario and their associations on topics including service delivery, community safety, council structure, and ward boundaries. Her technical background, along with her public affairs and management experience, allow her to effectively share insights and outcomes to a wide range of audiences.

Olivia also brings a unique understanding of how the environmental, social, and economic priorities involved in sustainable decision-making effect management principles. Prior to joining StrategyCorp, she completed a 2-year professional master’s program in Sustainability Management at the University of Toronto, an interdisciplinary science degree offered at the Institute of Management and Innovation. During this time, she completed an internship with FHCP (Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada; formerly Food & Consumer Products of Canada), working on major sustainability files within the public affairs department. The experience provided her with insight into managing competing priorities within an highly-regulated industry that faces a range of unique sustainability and economic challenges.

Olivia also holds a BSc. (Hons.) in Biology and Medical Sciences from Western University and has an long background in theatre production both on and off the stage.

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