Tahereh Granpayehvaghei

Tahereh is a consultant at StrategyCorp with a background in urban planning, public policy, and cross-disciplinary research in collaborative working environments. She has a strong knowledge of leading multinational research teams, conducting rigorous data analysis, and communicating outcomes to municipalities, key stakeholders, and executive directors.

Tahereh has extensively worked with non-profit organizations, research centers, and private consulting firms in Canada, the United States, England, and Iran with a working experience on a diverse range of topics including economic development, transportation equity, community engagement, cultural investment, and housing. In her previous role, Tahereh was the lead researcher and project coordinator at a non-profit organization in the City of Toronto where she contributed to developing culturally informed policies to support ethnic artists and art professionals in the post-COVID time. Prior to that, she was a researcher at the Center for Transportation Equity, Decisions, and Dollars, a US-Department of Transportation funded research center in Texas and participated in a diverse range of planning and transportation related projects.

Tahereh holds a PhD in Urban Planning and Public Policy from the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) and a master’s degree in Urban Regeneration from the University College London (UCL). She has taught courses on urban affairs and public policy at UTA.

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