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Lexi Ensor

Lexi Ensor is an Associate with StrategyCorp’s Public Affairs and Management Consulting practices, previously working as an intern in StrategyCorp’s summer internship program. Prior to joining the firm, Lexi worked at a boutique public affairs firm in West Virginia that specializes in developing and implementing multi-state and federal government relations and corporate communications programs.

While at StrategyCorp, Lexi has gained experience conducting policy and organizational analyses, conducting stakeholder engagements, and engaging in strategic planning processes – working for private, public, and not-for-profit clients. Recently, she has conducted policy analysis for both for- and not-for profit organizations in a variety of industries, and has been actively involved in various stakeholder relations and strategic planning projects over the past several months. Her work focuses on a variety of industries, including transportation, energy, innovation, post-secondary education, and community development.

During her university career, Lexi was the student director at Western University’s Leadership and Democracy Lab, in charge of publishing international political risk analysis reports. She graduated from Western University with an Honor’s Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and recently completed a course in business communications at Humber College.

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