Lexi Ensor

Lexi Ensor is a Consultant with StrategyCorp’s Public Affairs and Management Consulting practices. Lexi works with clients to tackle complex policy challenges, and to develop strategic solutions to a wide variety of organizational challenges. She has experience working with private, public, and not-for-profit clients.

Recent projects include developing policy solutions for technology companies; working with not-for-profits to establish government support; developing strategic plans for a variety of organizations and municipalities; and working in Canada’s territories to develop a feasibility study, conduct consultations with First Nations communities, and to develop a strategic plan. These projects involved deep understanding of current political trends and operating environments, extensive public consultation and stakeholder engagement, and in-depth understanding of the industries in which each client works.

Lexi’s work is rooted in a variety of industries, including: not-for-profit, health care, technology, development, municipalities, Crown corporations, and industry associations.

Prior to joining the firm, Lexi worked at a boutique public affairs firm in West Virginia that specializes in developing and implementing multi-state and federal government relations and corporate communications programs. She is currently working with the Havergal Old Girls Association (HOGA) as Co-Chair of the Governance Committee and member of the Publications committee, and is a member of the Ontario Women’s Liberal Commission (OWLC) Executive Board, acting as Vice President, Toronto (Etobicoke/Downtown/East York).

Lexi graduated from Western University with an Honor’s Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

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