Aleck Dadson

Aleck joined StrategyCorp in 2015, following a successful seven year turn at the Ontario Energy Board.

As Chief Operating Officer, Aleck helped to lead the OEB through a period of considerable change in its governance, regulatory processes, and approach to consumer and stakeholder engagement. During 2014, Aleck led the OEB’s review of TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline project, including the consultations with communities and First Nations across northern and eastern Ontario.

Prior to joining the OEB, Aleck was Senior Vice President, Government & Regulatory Affairs for Direct Energy, overseeing the development of a strong regulatory, government affairs and compliance team for Direct Energy’s North American operations and managing the regulatory proceedings for major acquisitions in the energy sector in both the United States and Canada. He was seconded from Direct Energy during 2005-2007 to head the regulatory team at Centrica plc, during a period of major change in the UK energy sector.

While at StrategyCorp, Aleck has advised private sector and public agency clients regarding regulatory and public policy matters relating to infrastructure development, strategic planning, cap-and-trade, M & A, consumer protection, and energy sector transformation.

Aleck’s experience as a senior executive and advisor in both a leading regulatory agency and the private sector has provided him with a broad and unique perspective on the energy sector and a deep understanding of energy regulation, including rates, licensing, compliance, infrastructure approvals, policy development, and stakeholder engagement.

Aleck holds an LL.M (Hons) from Yale Law School and an LL.B (Hons) from the University of Toronto Law School and attained a BA (Hons) in Jurisprudence from Oxford University. He has served on several public advisory groups, including the Ontario Market Design Committee, the Technical Panel of the Ontario IESO, and the Smart Grid Forum. Aleck is a frequent speaker on energy regulation and public policy and a Member of the Ontario Bar.