Imran Amin

Imran Amin is a Public Affairs Manager at StrategyCorp, with over 7 years of experience providing strategic public affairs services to significant clients operating in Canada and around the world.

He uses his comprehensive political knowledge of local, regional and international issues, supplemented by a strong public policy acumen, research and writing skills to support clients dealing with complex regulatory and reputational opportunities.

Imran supports a diverse set of clients, working in the health care, development, financial, and transportation sectors. Imran also serves as a national project manager, managing a cross-jurisdictional public affairs team across Canada.

Before joining StrategyCorp, Imran was a Business Director for a tech company based in the United Arab Emirates, and worked for the Ontario Public Service with the Ministry of Government Services and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Imran has played a role on both central and local political campaigns, providing policy and media support to senior staff and candidates. He holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto, with a specialization in Political Science.

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