Northern Practice


StrategyCorp is Canada’s firm for doing business in the North – and for the North to do business in Ottawa

Canada’s North is a complex region with significant economic and cultural potential

The North is at the forefront of business, reconciliation, and public policy in Canada. Both Northerners and those South of 60 see the region’s potential for investment, research, stewardship, and partnership.

However, advancing these shared interests is complicated by barriers in mutual understanding – the North and the South too often see each other differently and struggle to present opportunities as mutually advantageous.

At StrategyCorp, we navigate the intersection of these perspectives – empowering made-in-the-North opportunities with business, public affairs, and communications strategies necessary to succeed, while helping the South (and Ottawa) understand what it means to do business in the North.


  • We have a deep understanding of the Northern Canadian context; our multi-disciplinary team includes consultants with significant experience in territorial politics, business, and public policy that only comes from living and working in the North
  • StrategyCorp brings a breadth of experience and expertise helping public, private, and Indigenous clients succeed in the North, including in the fields of infrastructure, tourism, natural resources, and economic development
  • StrategyCorp employs well-considered advice and strategies that have a record of demonstrating the political acumen and public policy expertise necessary to navigate not only the sensitive politics of the North, but also major investments
  • We work with organizations that are driving transformational change for Canadians – and amplify their value proposition by leveraging our political know-how and acuity, strategic communications, and management consulting rigour

For more information about our Northern Practice, contact Chris Loreto or Conal Slobodin.

Core Product and Service Offerings

  • Federal Grant Applications
  • Government Relations Strategies and Services
  • Jurisdiction & Environment Scans
  • Business Cases & Feasibility Studies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Management Consulting
  • Public Policy Research & Development
  • Stakeholder & Community Consultations
  • Strategic Communications


  • Applying for federal funding grants and contributions
  • Supporting regional economic development opportunities
  • Advancing post-secondary education initiatives
  • Advising on natural resources projects
  • Supporting client participation in federal consultations on policies, regulations, and legislation
  • Advocating for the conservation and support of protected areas
  • Stakeholder mapping of key territorial and federal decision-makers and influencers
  • Consultations with First Nations, community organizations, and municipalities


Higher Education in the North

Strategic Challenge: The City of Yellowknife engaged StrategyCorp to complete a feasibility study to build a university in the City. With other Northern cities working towards establishing universities, the City sought a business case and public policy rationale to influence the Territorial government’s decision to establish a university.

Our Approach: StrategyCorp used evidence-based research, a robust consultation process, and economic model development to create a public policy and business case that factored in the needs of the local economy and the financial and geographic realities of the Northwest Territories.

Outcome: StrategyCorp’s public policy case recommended the establishment of a polytechnic in Yellowknife. The report was successfully presented to Council in 2019.

StrategyCorp was re-engaged by the City to develop their next municipal Strategic Plan.

Major Infrastructure Project

Strategic Challenge: A Northern major development organization was considering the construction of multi-million dollar transmission line to connect to meet the long-term energy needs of Northerners. StrategyCorp was engaged to conduct an environment scan of the public policy environment and develop a federal public affairs strategy to determine potential federal funding partners.

Our Approach: StrategyCorp worked with the organization to align its early-stage advocacy objectives with federal infrastructure and environmental priorities, identify funding sources, and map the federal political and public policy landscape to identify key stakeholders to support the initiative.

Outcome: The organization implemented StrategyCorp’s public affairs strategy and continued to pursue the studies necessary to determine the feasibility of the infrastructure project.

First Nation Tourism Business Case

Strategic Challenge: The Yukon community of Beaver Creek had been struggling to capture a sufficient share of Alaska Highway tourism traffic bound for Alaska. StrategyCorp was engaged by the First Nation’s Development Corporation to develop a tourism strategy that aligned with the Yukon Government’s new Tourism Development Strategy, while ensuring a sustainable and attainable operating model for the community.

Our Approach: StrategyCorp conducted economic and policy analysis of the Yukon tourism sector and held stakeholder consultations with the First Nation, the community, and civil servant, political, private sector stakeholders in order to determine a sustainable strategy capable of capturing federal and territorial funding opportunities while meeting the expectations.

Outcome: StrategyCorp’s tourism strategy was adopted by the Development Corporation’s Board of Directors, which is working with the First Nation to implement the long-term strategy along with the support of a recent federal funding award.