Land Development Practice


Political and community permissions are fundamental ingredients for successful real estate developments

StrategyCorp has been at the forefront of development approvals strategy and community engagement for over 20 years.

We build support for projects among politicians and the community through precise development approval strategies and meaningful dialogues with stakeholders.


Communications & Engagement

Local advocates can wield great influence over development projects. Even small groups can have a disproportionately large impact on a project. At the same time, silent supportive majorities can find it difficult to make their voices heard.

No matter the type of project – residential, commercial, industrial – developers raise their odds of gaining project approvals by engaging the people touched by their development.

Government Relations

Community engagement is only half of the solution. Understanding the local political landscape and how to use engagement to shape it is a critical ingredient that can’t be overlooked.

Our team of political veterans and communications professionals includes professionals who have a deep understanding of the development approvals process, municipal government and politics, as well as communications and engagement campaigns with national scope.

We work as part of our overall development team adding our strategic lens to the work done by planners, architects, legal, and specialists such as traffic and heritage consultants.

StrategyCorp brings over 20 years of experience leading engagement campaigns designed to secure community and political buy-in.

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Development Strategy

  • Land development approval strategies
  • Strategic coordination of development teams


Community Engagement

  • Stakeholder public forums and open houses
  • Stakeholder working group and workshop processes
  • Digital engagement to amplify voices
  • Stakeholder working group and workshop processes
  • Focus group & ideation sessions
  • Media relations
  • Project engagement interactive web sites
  • Street & experiential engagement
  • Community mapping
  • Community surveys


Government Relations

  • Municipal government relations strategy development
  • Elected official engagement

StrategyCorp has been at the forefront of development approvals strategy and community engagement for over 20 years