Grassroots Mobilization

StrategyCorp Groundswell™ is our suite of digital tools that enables our clients to engage decision-makers, inform stakeholders, and mobilize grassroots support.

From national engagement campaigns to support project approvals, to local stakeholder initiatives, StrategyCorp Groundswell™ provides our clients with digital capabilities that are an essential part of successful public affairs and communications strategies.

From digital strategy to creative development, StrategyCorp has the expertise to seamlessly integrate our digital tools into any public affairs strategy, and create the conditions for success.

Groundswell Campaign

Local, provincial, and national advocacy campaigns offering the full-suite of digital service including responsive engagement web sites, supporter cultivation and management, and targeted email and social engagement.

Groundswell Engage

StrategyCorp’s proprietary elected official engagement tool enables supporters to quickly identify, and seamlessly engage, elected officials at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels.

Groundswell Alliance

We believe successful community and stakeholder engagement begins with bringing the engagement to the stakeholders you need to reach – not simply drawing some out to be engaged.

StrategyCorp Groundswell’s proprietary digital engagement tools allow us to integrate traditional engagement techniques with digital approaches that enable two-way communication and empower more groups and individuals to become part of the engagement process.