StrategyCorp Groundswell


Digital Campaigns and Grassroots Advocacy

StrategyCorp builds support for our client interests and projects through integrated digital communications campaigns.

Digital Campaign Strategy & Design
From planning to execution, our Groundswell™ integrated campaigns win by building and mobilizing support for your project, proposal, or policy position. First, we research and set the message. Then, using targeting technology and social media, we identify potential grassroots and coalition supporters. Finally, we activate your base, converting constituents into advocates for your issue. We’re tracking and measuring as we go along, always using analytics to guide our strategy.

Community Assessments & Influence Mapping
The StrategyCorp community assessment is a 360-degree view of your online and offline grassroots footprint. What do neighbourhood groups and local elected officials think of your organization or new proposal? How do your audiences’ perceptions affect your prospects for success? We’ll find out, tell you where your challenges are, and make recommendations to strengthen your hand going into a difficult campaign, policy battle, or reputation management project.

Web & Creative Development
In a world awash in content, what stands out? We design compelling digital communications strategies and creative assets for any platform, from a dedicated mobile microsite to multiple social media channels. From concept to execution, we’re focused on vibrant, visual, and viral engagement, and are never afraid to try something new.

Data Driven Decision-Making & Analytics
Digital campaigns are known for generating an array of charts, graphs and statistics. But which ones matter? At StrategyCorp, we isolate the metrics that move the needle for each campaign. When results change, we’re never afraid use the data to recalibrate.