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Who will win the battle to define Harper’s successor?

Ahead of the upcoming Conservative Party leadership election, Andrew Steele, Vice President and Group Head of our Public Affairs Practice, wrote a piece for the Globe and Mail that highlights “Who will win the battle to define Harper’s successor?.” In the article Steele argues that the time directly following the new leader’s appointment will […]

By |May 29th, 2017|

Ontario’s big step to the left

Ahead of next week’s provincial budget being tabled, Andrew Steele, Vice President and Group Head of our Public Affairs Practice, wrote a piece for the Globe and Mail that highlights “Ontario’s big step to the left.” In the article Steele argues that the impending balanced budget will be the end of 10 years of […]

By |April 19th, 2017|

StrategyCorp boundary review results in Tecumseh ward changes

Following a review of its ward boundaries, led by SCI Principal John Matheson and Director Mike Varey, the Town of Tecumseh will be changing its boundaries for the 2018 municipal election to ensure fairer representation for residents. Blackburn news highlighted the changes in a recent article, which is available to read here: http://blackburnnews.com/windsor/windsor-news/2017/01/24/tecumseh-ward-changes-coming/

By |January 25th, 2017|

Episode137 – 150 years of Canadian Politics

In honour of Canada’s 150 birthday, StrategyCorp Principal John Duffy improvised an overview of our political history for Maclean’s on the Hill. From Confederation and building our nation, through to the war years, onto the first Trudeau mania and today’s political climate – John Duffy takes us through the changing moods, attitudes and political […]

By |January 10th, 2017|

John Matheson talks to Blackburn News about The Town of Tecumseh’s ward boundaries and electoral system.

StrategyCorp’s John Matheson was featured in Blackburn News about his work with the Town of Tecumseh. He has proposed to review its ward boundaries and electoral system.

Read the full article to find out what it means for the Town of Tecumseh >> 

By |November 7th, 2016|

Michael Fenn talks to Bloomberg TV Canada about asset recycling

StrategyCorp’s Michael Fenn discusses the Canadian government’s plan for asset recycling and infrastructure.

By |November 4th, 2016|

Council hears results of organizational and operational review

StrategyCorp’s John Matheson presented his final report for Brockton’s organizational and operational review. The results painted an overall positive picture with some issues to be addressed.

Read the full article here >>

By |October 18th, 2016|

Ontario PCs take seat from Liberals in by-election

Councillor Raymond Cho Wins Scarborough-Rouge River By-Election

On September 1st, Ontario Progressive Conservative candidate (and Ward 42 Councillor) Raymond Cho was elected as the new MPP for Scarborough-Rouge River.  He replaced long-serving Liberal MPP Bas Balkissoon who suddenly resigned in March 2016.

This is a key win for the Ontario PCs as it will give them […]

By |September 2nd, 2016|

Ontario’s top bureaucrats navigate political minefields while doing more with less

The Toronto Star on StrategyCorp’s 2016 Municipal CAO survey:
A report featuring interviews with 25 municipal CAOs across Ontario reveals some candid thoughts about the challenges facing cities.

She or he might be the most important person you’ve never heard of.

But your municipal chief administrative officer, the top administrator in a local government, is directly involved […]

By |June 1st, 2016|

Liberals may sell off public assets to help bankroll infrastructure

“Asset recycling is a way to attract private-sector investment into activities that were formerly, exclusively, in the public realm,” said Michael Fenn, a former Ontario deputy minister and management consultant who specializes in the public sector.

“It’s something that we should pay a lot of attention to and I’m really pleased to see the federal […]

By |April 25th, 2016|

Jean Lapierre’s journey reflected his turbulent times

Jean Lapierre, who died in a plane crash just over two weeks ago, walked as a peer with Canada’s political giants. In Quebec, his passing has been treated as a rite of passage in the life of La nation. In English Canada, public reaction has been largely confined to the political class’ reflections upon […]

By |April 15th, 2016|

StrategyCorp completes operational review of Erin Fire Department

ERIN – Strategy Corp was back before Erin council recently to present a fire department operational review, the next part of the town’s ongoing operational review.

In June 2015, the consulting company addressed council for an overarching operational review that led to seven recommendations for the town.

The most recent presentation, held at a special meeting […]

By |April 4th, 2016|

MacNaughton to become Canada’s Ambassador to the US: News Summary

After more than a decade as StrategyCorp’s Chairman, David MacNaughton is departing the firm, following his appointment as Canada’s next Ambassador to the United States.

Over MacNaughton’s 35-year career in business and politics, he has been has been credited with shaping the public affairs industry in Canada.  Now, MacNaughton is “honoured to become Canada’s diplomatic […]

By |January 19th, 2016|

StrategyCorp’s David MacNaughton to become Canada’s next Ambassador to the United States

Canadian business leader, David MacNaughton, selected to become Canada’s next Ambassador to the United States

MacNaughton to leave his post as Chairman at StrategyCorp, a public affairs, communications, and management consulting firm, at the end of February 2016

January 16, 2016 – Toronto – David MacNaughton will be appointed by the Governor General of Canada to become […]

By |January 16th, 2016|

Vital Capital

StrategyCorp’s Michael Fenn co-authors a new report from the Mowat Centre how to finance badly needed infrastructure upgrades in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Region.
“Given the long inventory of projects that need funding, the recognized need for new investment and historically-low interest rates, we should be witnessing a period of extraordinary new building. […]

By |December 22nd, 2015|

Windsor seeks to change relationship with WEEDC

Windsor will hire a few new staff members to work on local economic development, as the city prepares to adjust the way it interacts with its existing development corporation.
At a Monday night council meeting, councillors discussed a 61-page report put together by the consulting firm StrategyCorp that zeroed in on the relationship between the city […]

By |December 8th, 2015|

Trudeau’s honeymoon could become a long romance

For the new Trudeau government, Friday’s Speech from the Throne marks the beginning of workaday Ottawa life – another passage in what many observers expect to be an inevitable slide from postcampaign highs to the morning-after grind of governing.
Not so fast. Ottawa’s honeymoon deathwatch crowd may be in for a long wait. That’s because […]

By |December 3rd, 2015|

Report recommends city take greater role in its own economic development

A city-commissioned report on the future of the WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation recommends the city hire its own economic development team and take a greater leadership role in its own interests.

The report, produced by StrategyCorp. after extensive consultation with councillors and other stakeholders, will go before council on Dec. 7.

Read the rest of the article here!


By |December 1st, 2015|

PM Trudeau’s cabinet must juggle competing expectations, observers say

StrategyCorp’s John Duffy joins CBC’s The Current to discuss Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s historic new cabinet and what lies ahead for this new group of decision-makers in Ottawa.

Listen to the interview here >>

By |November 4th, 2015|

The impact of megatrends on Ontario’s future infrastructure

Infrastructure is an important topic across Canada boosted by a hotly contested federal election campaign, the Ontario government’s commitment to invest $130-billion in infrastructure over 10-years and the municipal sector’s demand for access to more funding sources to pay for roads, bridges, transit and other infrastructure.
When Toronto’s monumental Bloor Viaduct over the Don Valley […]

By |November 2nd, 2015|

Election 2015: Quebec rises again

How the province has dominated this federal election campaign, in ways both historic and unexpected

John Duffy

“You have to understand,” the federal strategist told me in the spring of 2013, “that this whole thing is a massive Quebec play.” Campaign 2015’s fundamental story is the re-emergence of the province’s issues and tendencies at the centre […]

By |October 19th, 2015|

Ontario must build with the future in mind: expert

When it comes to Ontario’s infrastructure the adage, “if you build it they will come” may need some tweaking to, “if you build it, make sure it’s built right and with the future in mind.”
This is one of the messages behind a report by Michael Fenn, entitled Building Our Tomorrow: The Future of Ontario’s […]

By |September 25th, 2015|

Lisa Samson talks about the Current State of the Federal Election Race

Samson from StrategyCorp on the current state of the federal election race:

“I don’t think the party will be retooling their message of good economic stewardship in any significant way.”

“August did count in terms of people paying attention. I think people maybe had half an ear towards what was going on in the campaign, but […]

By |September 8th, 2015|

Martin Rust talks to CTV about Week 2 of the Federal Election Campaign

StrategyCorp’s Martin Rust spoke with CTV about the second week of the federal election campaign and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne stepping into the race with sharp words about Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

By |August 10th, 2015|

StrategyCorp Guides Windsor to New 20-Year Vision

StrategyCorp is proud to have worked with the City of Windsor to establish a 20-year vision for the growth and future of that city.  The process involved in-depth consultations with municipal stakeholders, as well as analysis of previously completed studies and reports.

The plan recommends the City focus on four main areas: local economic development; […]

By |July 7th, 2015|

Reviving and Rebuilding in Politics: A Multi-level View from the Inside

Rebuilding and Re-Imagining: Policy Opportunity in Leadership Changes 2002-2014

June 19th, 2015 from 9:00am – 4:30pm

General elections and party changes of leadership are challenging moments in Canadian political dynamics at all three levels of government. They offer‎ exciting opportunities for policy change. Leaders eager to make their mark, followers seeking re-energizing, and civil services hungry for […]

By |June 16th, 2015|

Windsor taps StrategyCorp to help craft 20-year vision for city

StrategyCorp has been retained by the City of Windsor to help the city develop a 20-year vision. John Matheson talks to CTV Windsor about the project and what it will help the city accomplish.

Read the whole story or watch CTV’s report on what Windsor will accomplish with the plan.

Blackburn News has more detail on Windsor’s […]

By |April 23rd, 2015|

Marketing Magazine talks to StrategyCorp about Sears Canada’s smart PR move

With Target Canada announcing it was leaving the country, the Canadian retail landscape enters a new period of significant change.  Sears Canada reacted to this news by reaching out to the employees of Target that will soon be laid off, offering them discounts and opportunities for jobs — and they scored a reputational win […]

By |January 28th, 2015|

Julian Fantino Shuffled from Veterans Affairs

After much speculation, Julian Fantino was shuffled out of the Veterans Affairs portfolio by Prime MInister Stephen Harper.  StrategyCorp’s Dan Mader comments on the political decision-making behind this to the Canadian Press:
Being seen as unfriendly to veterans is a liability, said Dan Mader, a former chief of staff for Fantino who now works as […]

By |January 7th, 2015|

John Matheson interviews former PM Brian Mulroney

The Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO) held their Marketing, Achievement and Construction (MAC) Awards at the FRPO Awards Gala Dinner on December 4, 2014, in Toronto. StrategyCorp’s John Matheson was honoured to be invited to interview the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney, former Prime Minister of Canada, as part of the evening’s events.

By |December 17th, 2014|

Federal political strategy as we head toward Election 2015

StrategyCorp’s Dan Mader talks to David Adkin from Sun News about federal political strategies, and the politics of Quebec, as we head toward 2015 and a federal election.

By |November 21st, 2014|

The behind-the-scenes story on John Tory’s Smart Track

Smart Track became the defining policy of Toronto Mayor-Elect John Tory’s successful campaign. And it will undoubtedly be the measuring stick by which his mayoralty will be evaluated.  How did this policy come to be?  StrategyCorp’s John Duffy talks to the Toronto Star about the genesis of Smart Track and its success in helping […]

By |November 17th, 2014|

Spacing Magazine: The path forward for Smart Track

John Duffy, who served as Chief Policy Advisor to John Tory’s mayoral campaign, speaks to Spacing Magazine about the path forward for Tory’s Smart Track transit plan and what happens next as the centrepeice of his campaign moves forward.  It’s a complex path as it involves multiple stakeholders, agencies, as well as the provincial […]

By |November 3rd, 2014|

Now Magazine on City of Toronto Mayor-Elect John Tory

Now Magazine on John Tory’s campaign for Mayor of Toronto, his Smart Track transit plan, and his path to victory.
In his speech, Tory said that with his victory, the city has never been more together. That line was probably written before the landslide victory expected for that didn’t happen. Indeed, for a few eerie […]

By |October 30th, 2014|

How the Jian Ghomeshi scandal marks the end of shame

John Perenack adds comment to Maclean’s Magazine’s coverage of the developing Jian Ghomeshi scandal and his use of online media to frame the story in the first 24 hours.
Social media, it seems, has not only accelerated the pace of our news cycle, it has polarized public opinion. There is no time for waffling or […]

By |October 30th, 2014|

John Matheson speaks to CBC about Toronto’s new City Councillors

John Matheson speaks to CBC Toronto about the new faces on Toronto’s city council and the power of incumbency in municipal elections.

By |October 29th, 2014|

Build infrastructure through sales, not debt

David MacNaughton – I have always been mystified by the attachment many of my fellow Liberals hold to the notion of public ownership of operating companies. The federal Liberals shed this long-held article of faith in the mid-90s for a simple reason: they didn’t have a choice. They hit the wall financially and managed […]

By |October 24th, 2014|

Handicapping PC Leadership Contenders

StrategyCorp’s Dan Mader discusses the latest on the PC leadership race and the recent announcement by MP Patrick Brown to join MPPs Vic Fedeli and Christine Elliott, who are already in the race.  The PC Party will choose a new a provincial leader with voting taking place May 3 and 7, 2015 in a […]

By |September 30th, 2014|

Ministers’ Regional Offices come under scrutiny by opposition parties

Regional offices for Cabinet ministers’ have been around since 1985 when PM Brian Mulroney led them to be created to support regional ministers.  With 16 of these offices now established, they’re coming under scrutiny from opposition parties. StrategyCorp’s Dan Mader offers comment on the job Regional Ministers do, and the function of the offices […]

By |September 29th, 2014|

Experts critique election ads about to be unleashed on Ontarians

With a blackout lifted Wednesday, voters can expect a barrage of broadcast advertising by the Big Three parties in the Ontario election. Free Press reporter Jonathan Sher reviewed the first TV salvos with four veteran political observers including StrategyCorp’s John Duffy.

Read article >>

By |May 22nd, 2014|

Parodies, memes and hashtags: Toronto mayoral candidates eager to woo voters on social networking sites

John Perenack, Group Head of StrategyCorp’s Communications practice, weighs in on the role that social media can play in the Toronto mayoral campaign.


By |May 5th, 2014|

Issues Management: The New Municipal Skill Set

DAVE MCCLEARY & JOSEPH PICKERILL, Municipal World Magazine: It will come as no surprise to readers of this magazine that the role of local government has changed drastically in recent decades. Today’s municipal environment no longer has a single public, but rather multiple publics, comprised of issue-specific interest groups, ratepayer associations, and community groups. […]

By |January 29th, 2014|

Four reasons why Ontario will be better off without the LCBO

J.C. BOURQUE, The Globe and Mail: There is a lot to unpack in the PC Leader’s series of white papers, but the policy that has achieved the most reaction, surprisingly, is the plan to reform the government-owned liquor monopoly and get rid of the private-sector beer store.

Read full article >>

By |December 19th, 2013|

Right Direction, Wrong Goal: Groom Canada Post for Privatization

PHIL EVERSHED AND JOHN-CHRISTIAN BOURQUE, The Globe and Mail: While the recent five-point plan released by Canada Post is a step in the right direction, its timelines are unambitious and its ultimate goal underachieving.

Read full article >>

By |December 16th, 2013|

Ontario needs fundamental change not a fight over austerity vs. stimulus

DAVID MACNAUGHTON, The Globe and Mail: In the debate over the proper policy course for governments to assist in getting our economy out of its current doldrums, economists, politicians and policy wonks have essentially split into two camps.

One, the austerity folks, advocate reduced government spending, smaller government and lower taxes. The stimulus crowd promotes […]

By |November 6th, 2013|

How Harper can win again

DAN MADER, National Post: Mid-way through its mandate, the Harper government faces its most serious challenge since the opposition attempt to form a coalition in late 2008.

Read full article >>

By |June 17th, 2013|

Ontario needs to think about investing in infrastructure

J.C. BOURQUE, The Globe and Mail: Governments around the world face an infrastructure challenge. Ontario is no different.

Read full article >>

By |May 2nd, 2013|

Ontario’s minority Liberals take budget plans public in bid to stave off trip to polls

SONYA BELL, iPolitics: In sharp contrast to the secrecy that surrounds a typical government budget, the Ontario Liberals have been spilling the spring spending beans on a very public stage. StrategyCorp’s John Duffy weighs in.

Read full article >>

By |April 30th, 2013|

Why the Ontario Progressive Conservatives are the party of ideas

J.C. BOURQUE, The Globe and Mail: Of the three major parties, only one appears to have finally decided to grapple with reality. Tim Hudak and the Progressive Conservative Party have released a number of interesting, innovative and occasionally controversial policies that seriously attempt to respond to the problems facing the province.

Read full article >>

By |March 27th, 2013|

Does the Liberal party have a future in Canada?: YES

JOHN DUFFY, Ottawa Citizen: Thursday night at the Canadian War Museum, in a debate presented by the Macdonald Laurier Institute (macdonaldlaurier.ca), sponsored by the Ottawa Citizen and moderated by historian Jack Granatstein, Michael Bliss and John Duffy debated the resolution: The Liberal Party has no future in Canadian politics.

Read full article >>

By |March 22nd, 2013|

Power Play: Ontario Throne Speech

KELLY AIZICOWITZ, CTV News: Premier Wynne sets province’s agenda.

Watch video >>

By |February 19th, 2013|

Wynne’s challenge: Offer Ontario a genuine menu of change

JOHN DUFFY, The Globe and Mail: To make sense of the political signals emitting from this weekend’s Liberal leadership convention – and to see what lies ahead in the currently jumbled political situation – it’s helpful to keep an eye on the principal bouncing ball: change.

Read full article >>

By |January 28th, 2013|

Everything you need to know about Rob Ford’s court battle

JOHN LORINC, The Globe and Mail: StrategyCorp’s John Duffy weighs in on Rob Ford’s upcoming court hearing.

Read full article >>

By |January 25th, 2013|

McGuinty’s strategic failures and successes

J.C. BOURQUE, The Globe and Mail: Though it may have seemed sudden, the resignation of Dalton McGuinty should come not come as a surprise.

It has been clear for some time that the McGuinty government is well past its best-before date. At the very end of multi-term governments – accompanied by a lack of policy […]

By |October 16th, 2012|

McGuinty chooses change, one last time

JOHN DUFFY, The Globe and Mail: Premier Dalton McGuinty’s exit leaves his government, and Canada’s largest province, midway through a major transformation and suddenly leaderless.

Ontario is six months into the immense governmental restructuring initiative kicked off with last February’s Commission on the Reform of Ontario’s Public Services. Already, this effort has produced political shock […]

By |October 16th, 2012|

Resigning as a Leader

JOHN DUFFY, The National: The Insiders talk about the surprise resignation of Dalton McGuinty.

Watch video >>

By |October 15th, 2012|

The Agenda with Steve Paikin: The End of the Red Road?

JOHN DUFFY, TVO: Bob Rae will not seek out the Liberal leadership. Only a handful of the 35 Liberal MPs in Ottawa have indicated they’ll take a run at the helm.

Watch video >>

By |June 21st, 2012|

The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Women: Transforming Leadership?

JOHN DUFFY, TVO – Political and business worlds see more and more women in prominent leadership positions. The Agenda examines if this development is changing our perception of what makes a leader.

Watch video »

By |June 21st, 2012|

Hudak seeks to unlock the power of Ontario pension funds

J.C. BOURQUE, The Globe and Mail: Governments across the world are faced with a terrible tradeoff between austerity and public services. Stimulus programs have run their course but tepid growth has outlasted the ability of sovereign and sub-sovereign balance sheets to continue deficit spending. This is particularly true in the case of Ontario, with […]

By |May 15th, 2012|

Ontario Liberals must not abandon infrastructure

J.C. BOURQUE, The Globe and Mail – In the upcoming provincial budget, Finance Minister Dwight Duncan will apparently delay billion of dollars in infrastructure spending. He contends this will save “hundreds of millions of dollars of interest cost.” This makes little sense from either a public policy or business perspective. If this kind of […]

By |March 22nd, 2012|

Big Ideas: John Duffy on The Emerging Politics of Technology

JOHN DUFFY, TVO – John Duffy, advisor to former Prime Minister Paul Martin and founder of StrategyCorp, tackles the subject of The Emerging Politics of Technology in a lecture produced in collaboration with the Literary Review of Canada. Duffy has spent years pondering the role of technology in our thinking about policy and politics. […]

By |March 16th, 2012|

Aid for Aides

JOHN LORINC, The Walrus Magazine, September 2011 – A Carleton program will certify political aides, the fall guys behind our elected officials

Read full article »

By |September 1st, 2011|