Prime Minister Trudeau’s New Cabinet

Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, was sworn in this morning along with a cabinet that is the most diverse in the country’s history.  The new Prime Minister’s choice to select a cabinet that reflects the youthful group of Liberal MPs elected on October 19th is in line with the change agenda that the party ran on in during the election campaign.

While Trudeau had considerable experience from which to choose, his choices were made based on several key factors, including the size of the cabinet, gender equality, ethnic diversity, and regional distribution.

As for the balance of new and veteran MPs, the new Prime Minister’s bias is clearly evident in the selections made and positions granted.  That he did not include several longstanding MPs and former federal Cabinet Ministers in his new government’s cabinet may be instructive of the approach that he will take.  Trudeau wants to separate his Liberal government not only from the Harper Government, but also in many respects from past Liberal governments.

As is normally the case, the Prime Minister rewarded friendship and loyalty, as well as talent in providing his closest confidants with the most important cabinet posts.  Though novices when it comes to federal parliamentary experience, the new Prime Minister’s cabinet brings together experience from other sectors of the economy and orders of government.  It remains to be seen who will succeed in their new roles, but there is little doubt that Trudeau’s cabinet reflects a departure from the past.

Download our quick reference guide for Prime Minister Trudeau’s cabinet appointments or view the chart below.

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