The behind-the-scenes story on John Tory’s Smart Track

Smart Track became the defining policy of Toronto Mayor-Elect John Tory’s successful campaign. And it will undoubtedly be the measuring stick by which his mayoralty will be evaluated.  How did this policy come to be?  StrategyCorp’s John Duffy talks to the Toronto Star about the genesis of Smart Track and its success in helping John Tory become the next mayor of Toronto.

It was the centrepiece of John Tory‘s platform — a plank so powerful that by Labour Day, it had achieved 60 per cent brand recognition among the Toronto voters.

How did SmartTrack — a politically risky idea to offload TTC crowding on to the GO tracks — become the foundational transit policy of Toronto’s incoming mayor? A confluence of political alignments and marketing savvy certainly helped. But campaign insiders say Tory himself was determined to front a transit plan that would impact the most people in the least amount of time. “He zeroed in on the timing issue. That was his true north on navigating the question,” says political strategist John Duffy, who delivered the foundation of SmartTrack to the campaign.

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