Now Magazine on City of Toronto Mayor-Elect John Tory

Now Magazine on John Tory’s campaign for Mayor of Toronto, his Smart Track transit plan, and his path to victory.

In his speech, Tory said that with his victory, the city has never been more together. That line was probably written before the landslide victory expected for that didn’t happen. Indeed, for a few eerie minutes after polls closed, it looked like chief rival Doug Ford would be within striking distance. In the end, Tory won comfortably enough to argue he has a mandate – for now. But look beyond the 60,000-vote margin to areas of the city won by Tory and those carried by Ford and a different picture emerges.

Tory’s swath of support cuts right up the middle of the city, with pockets in Scarborough Bluffs and the Kingsway in Etobicoke, pretty much the same lines you’d find on a Toronto Real Estate Board map if you were looking to move into one of the city’s more desirable neighbourhoods.

Ford’s support, on the other hand, came mostly from the have-not inner and outer burbs in Scarborough and Etobicoke identified in David Hulchanski’s seminal The Three Cities Within Toronto report.

At the Liberty Grand in the hours before voting closed on Monday, John Duffy – the Liberal strategist credited with Tory’s key platform plank, the SmartTrack transit plan – talked about the surface rail proposal in social justice terms, part of a grander scheme to knit the city’s disparate areas together.

It was a recurring theme of a campaign designed to appeal to Main Street as well as Bay Street.

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