StrategyCorp launches new website

StrategyCorp-Logo-130Welcome! On behalf of the StrategyCorp team, I’d like to welcome you to our new website.

When I first joined StrategyCorp almost seventeen years ago, we were a small team focused on traditional government relations services. What drew me to join the company was its innovative approach to strategic government relations. Right from the start, StrategyCorp combined substantive knowledge with political acumen to deliver win-win strategy to its clients and government.

Strategy is not just our name, it is our business and our product.

This approach was reflected in a quip about the company that still remains true: “the name on the door is StrategyCorp – not ‘Arrange-you-a-meetingCorp.’”

Our commitment to strategy comes through in everything we do. It has kept us at the innovative edge for almost 20 years.

Today, our strategic services have expanded far beyond our original scope of political problem solving at the federal and provincial levels of government. We have launched new practice groups in:

  • Management Consulting,
  • Municipal Affairs and
  • Strategic Communications.

These new practices are full, dynamic departments which provide clients across sectors with results-oriented solutions, executed precisely, across Canada, and abroad.

This website showcases our new range of strategic services. I invite you to explore it and discover how StrategyCorp can work for you.

Best regards,

John Matheson